I have been asking myself how to start a business every time it dawned on me that I am still unemployed and I never get it right or provide a satisfactory answer. So many people suggest different kinds of business like supplying palm oil, palm kernel, garri, polythene bags, Diskettes etc, but they still leave out the MEANS.

The idea is never short, but the means aside capital is just as important as the idea itself. For example, a typical palm kernel businessĀ is faced with the following challenges

1. Capital
2. Reliable and trusted supplier which is also very important
3. Logistics in getting the ordered goods
4. A platform or meeting point with intended consumers.

As with any business, to start a business, every entrepreneur run a great risk of not having a reliable supplier, buying substandard products, adequately managing logistics, lastly stocking and not finding buyers easily. In the end, I am dumping that great business idea I have because I can’t manage all the risks myself.

This is a typical cycle of a lot of ideas in finding that business that could potentially bring income frequently.
Many individuals or businesses have that goods we would have thrived on but they are not supported by a platform.

Fund-En-Merchant provides a platform that reduces all these risks and brings closer suppliers and merchants.Fund-En-Merchant provides goods to merchants at a very cheap price so that a would-be merchant can maximize profit. Provide logistics support by partnering with logistics firms in the delivery of goods anywhere in Nigeria.

To start a business, validating the credentials and goods of a would-be supplier of a particular item. As long as a product is trade-able, Fund-En-Merchant is ready to provide the necessary support.

Fund-En-Merchant doesn’t pay for goods unless receipt of goods is confirmed by the buyer.

Register as a supplier or as a merchant on our website to find either a supplier or that merchant you so much need to partner with to improve and move forward your business.

As a supplier, you need to register your product and await further instructions upon verification and confirmation also as a customer you need to register before you can get access to the merchant section of the website. Be sure to read the Terms and conditions of our services.

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